Getting started with the Map3 API

The Map3 API provides convenient access to the Map3 Assets database via a REST API.

The API can be self hosted, and works on a cached version of the Assets Database. This provides high performance, and availability because it has no additional external dependencies.


The Map3 Metadata API is available on github at Map3 API.

Step: 1 - Clone the Map3 API repository

git clone

Step: 2 - Install dependencies

Change working directory to the newly cloned api directory.

yarn install

Step: 3 - Create environment configuration

Create a .env configuration file, a sample file has been provided in the file .env.sample

Step: 4 - Create the assets db folder

The Map3 API caches the assets database locally, to do this you will need to create the folder defined in the .env created configuration.

Step: 5 - Run the asset update command

The assetdb needs to be updated regularly, we recommend that a scheduled script should be configured to keep the database up to date. On Unix systems cron is a
suitable mechanism to keep the database up to date.

A manual initial update is required before the API can be started, this can be done by executing the following command.

yarn update

Step: 6 - Run the API server

We can now run the API server.

yarn start