What Assets and Networks are Supported?

All of the assets supported by Map3 are searchable on the Map3 website.

Map3 Website Networks

On the 6th of January 2023 we prepared a sheet with the supported assets and networks. It will be updated periodically.

All of our supported asset data is available for free as part of the Open Source Map3 Metadata Project

What are the Risks involved for my customer and me?

Map3 has been designed by an all-engineering team building secure services in Crypto for a combined 25 years. We have baked security and reliability at the design stage of our products. These are our main mitigations:

  1. Map3 never touches customer money: Money flows never pass through our servers or any central party servers. We cannot get in the way of a transaction by design.
  2. Open Source: All the code that interacts with your end-users Wallet is open source and goes through a rigorous review, testing and release process. Before a transaction is executed, it checks that the receiver addresses match what was passed during SDK initialization so that we cannot get in the middle of the transaction.
  3. No payments processing: Map3 works with the end-users Wallet through open protocols to get the money to the receiver, but the receiver is expected to separately monitor the chain before they credit end-user funds. Our solution is for UX/Orchestration only.

In January 2023, we went through a risk assessment that outlined the key technical risks with the integration. It is available for review by customers. If you need this, please get in touch.

I have an issue. How can I report it?

If you have any questions, concerns, or issues to report please open a GitHub issue in our open-source repo at https://github.com/map3xyz/supercharge/issues.

Property 'initMap3Supercharge' does not exist on type 'Window & typeof globalThis'

To avoid this TypeScript error you can add the following declaration to an existing declaration file or create a new one in your typeRoots directory.

export {};

declare global {
  interface Window {
    initMap3Supercharge: (config: any) => any;